Your Guide To Septic Inspections

If you haven't had your septic system inspected in a while, then it may be time. This guide on septic system inspections can be helpful. It will explain some reasons why these inspections can be important.  

Septic inspections help keep things running how they should

Your septic system needs to continue doing its job, or you and your family can find yourselves in a bad predicament. The sewage from all the appliances sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures in the house will drain into the septic tank. Here, solids will go to the bottom, while substances like grease and fats will rise to the top. They will form a top layer of scum on the surface. Bacteria in the tank will work on decomposing those solids at the bottom. 

The liquid will go from the tank through a system of perforated pipes into a drain field. There, the soil will act as a natural filtering system. Since the septic system deals with hazardous waste, it's critical that it is always functioning properly, so inspections are important to ensure the system is free of problems. Inspections ensure there are no blockages, leaks, backups, or other issues. 

Inspections can help you know when the system needs to be pumped

The length of time your septic system can go between pumping depends on the size of the tank, the size of your household, and the amount of water your family uses. Even though you may have a good idea of how long it should be before your system needs to be pumped again, things can change. 

The household may be using more water than it used to, and you haven't realized it. When this happens, the system can need to be pumped sooner. During the inspection, the inspector can let you know when the system should be pumped again. This can help you prevent issues like having the system backup. 

Inspections can be important during home sales

When you stay on top of the septic inspections and have the proper records, it can help a buyer feel more confident when it comes to knowing you have stayed on top of the home's routine maintenance. Also, when you have an inspection when putting your home on the market, it lets the buyer know they aren't going to be walking into a problem. On the other hand, when you are looking for your own home to buy, you'll also want to know that there has been a recent septic inspection done. If you buy a home without this being done, then you should have it done as the new owner, so you know everything is good and when it will need pumping.

Contact a local septic tank inspection service to learn more.