Repairing Damage To Your Screen Enclosure

Adding a screened enclosure to your pool can significantly improve your experience when you are swimming or lounging near it. Unfortunately, these screens can suffer damage, which will require the pool owner to oversee some basic repairs to this enclosure.

A Damaged Screen Enclosure Can Increase The Risk Of Pests Targeting The Pool Area

One of the most common reasons for adding an enclosure to a pool is to reduce the ability of a variety of different pests from creating problems for those using the pool area. Unfortunately, small rips and tears can allow these pests to ensure this area, and they may be unable to find their way out. This could lead to pests becoming increasingly problematic for those using the pool until these repairs are completed. If you are noticing a higher number of pests in the pool area than normal, the screen enclosure may benefit from being inspected to determine whether it has suffered significant damage.

There Are Several Different Common Types Of Damage That Can Occur To A Pool Screen Enclosure

There are many different types of damage that can occur to your pool screen enclosure. For example, strong winds can loosen the screens so that gaps may form between the screen and the frame. Debris could puncture holes in the screen that may be large enough to allow pests to pass through. It could also be possible for strong impacts on the frame of the screen enclosure to damage large sections of it. To help reduce the risks of this damage occurring to the screen enclosure, you should take the time to remove any bushes, tree branches, or other plants that are close to the enclosure and that could cause damage to it during windy conditions.

It Is Often Possible To Repair A Damaged Screen Enclosure By Patching It

Depending on the size of the damaged area of the screen enclosure, there may be repair options that will enable you to avoid the need to replace large sections of this enclosure. For example, there are screen enclosure repair services that have the tools to be able to patch punctures and other minor damages to this screen. When this is not a viable strategy for the problem, the screen panel may need to be replaced. However, most enclosures are designed so that the individual screen panels can be easily removed and replaced based on the damage that has occurred to them.

For more information on screen enclosure repair, contact a professional near you.