Why You Might Want To Consider Upgrading Your Glass Shower Door

A lot of modern showers utilize glass in one way or another because it makes the room feel a lot more spacious than it might otherwise be. For smaller apartments and houses this can be a great innovation, and even in larger bathrooms, a glass shower door makes everything feel less claustrophobic. However, there is a stark difference between glass shower doors that were made even just ten years ago and those of today. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your glass shower door to something a little more modern and with the times. 


One of the more popular trends in bathroom design at the moment is to have a frameless glass shower door or shower screen. Not only does it feel as though that piece of glass was always designed to just exist in the final position you place it in, but it is much easier to clean and keep tidy. There is nothing worse than the sight and smell of mold in different parts of your shower, but having a frameless shower screen (or door) removes a large potential for grime to build up. If you don't currently have a frameless shower door, you definitely should consider one.


In the past glass and plastic shower screens were interestingly made, with a variety of patterns and frosted designs, but they were just not as strong as they are now. Manufacturing improvements have allowed for glass shower doors and glass, in general, to be far more resistant to all kinds of issues that used to plague it. From being able to withstand a lot more weight to not shattering when something pointed clips it, your modern glass shower is far more equipped to handle the bruises and bumps it will receive in an active household so that you do not need to walk on eggshells around it.

Not As Expensive As You Might Think

Renovations can, and often do, run into the tens of thousands of dollars range, but that does not have to be the case. If you just want to upgrade an old shower screen, you can totally revolutionize the look of the room without breaking the bank to do it. In fact, you can actually downgrade the total amount of glass you have in your shower by removing the entire enclosure and replacing it with just a shower screen, which not only works just as well but makes your bathroom feel more spacious. If you want a simple but effective upgrade, it is about time you took the plunge by changing the glass in your shower. 

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