Ready For Spring? 4 Reasons To Start The Season With The Right Lawn Treatment

Now that winter is officially over, and the temperatures have warmed up, it's time to get started on your landscaping. If you haven't added lawn treatment to your list of landscaping needs, now's the time to take care of that. Once the temperatures warm up, lawns start to wake up from their winter dormancy, which is why treatment is so important. If you've decided to forego the lawn treatment this spring, read the list provided below. You'll find four important reasons to start the season off with lawn treatment. 

Encourage Healthy Root Growth

During the winter, your lawn was in a state of dormancy, meaning that it wasn't growing. Because the roots have been asleep for so long, they need a proper wake-up, which is where lawn treatment comes into the picture. One of the benefits of lawn treatment is that it gets vital nutrients down to the roots. This process invigorates your lawn and encourages healthy root growth. 

Improve Drought Resistance

If you live in a drought zone, you're not alone. In fact, estimates suggest that about 40% of the United States is currently experiencing drought conditions. Because of that, it's important that you take steps to safeguard your lawn. This is especially true if you're required to limit the amount of water you provide for your lawn each week. Spring lawn treatment can help to improve drought resistance. As a result, your lawn will be able to survive on less water throughout the warmer weather. 

Increase Reseeding Efforts

If you've noticed that your lawn looks a little sparse in a few areas, and you've decided to do some reseeding this spring, now's the time for lawn treatment. You might not know this, but starting your reseeding project with an application of lawn treatment will help to encourage seed regrowth. Not only that, but the regrowth will be healthier and heartier, which means your new lawn will last longer. 

Enhance Appearance

Finally, if you want your landscaping to look pristine this year, don't forget the lawn treatment. You might not realize this, but the right lawn treatment encourages growth and enhances appearance. In fact, with the right lawn treatment, your lawn will look greener, and feel softer, throughout the growing season. 

Give your lawn the best chance at health. Now that spring is here, start the season with lawn treatment. An effective lawn treatment plan can help you maintain your lawn.