5 Reasons To Choose Professional Rain Gutter Installation

Home improvement DIY jobs can be a good way to save money, but there are certain types of jobs that are best left to professionals. Roof gutter installation is one of those jobs.

1. Seamless Options

DIY guttering from the hardware store consists of traditional seamed styles. You purchase the gutters in stock lengths, cut them to size, then glue them to connectors as you hang them from the eaves. Unfortunately, seamed gutters are more prone to leaking and have a shorter service life. A professional can make custom-fit seamless gutters on-site, which means you will have fewer leaks and less maintenance.

2. Downspout Planning

Location of the downspouts is very important, otherwise, gutters can become overcome by runoff or the downspout may empty in a problem area. It can be tempting to simply place a downspout at every roof corner if you are doing the job yourself. A professional installer will assess the flow rate on various parts of the roof, as well as take notes on water damage-prone areas on the ground so that the downspouts can be placed in the optimum locations.

3. Proper Pitches

Gutters must be pitched properly so that water is always flowing down them to the nearest downspout. This means that guttering is never installed perfectly level to the roofline. Too slight a pitch and the gutters will overflow before they can empty. Too steep and the gutters can overwhelm and overflow at the downspout. Finding the right pitch takes training and experience, so a professional will likely do it much better.

4. Better Protection

Several parts of the home are protected by the gutters, namely the eaves and siding. When gutters aren't sized and aligned under the roof edge properly, they can overflow and lead to moisture leaks or rot problems along the eaves and siding. How the gutters are hung can also lead to eave damage. A professional will make sure the alignment is perfect and use professional quality gutter clips that don't damage eaves.

5. Increased Safety

It can be dangerous trying to put long lengths of guttering in place while balancing on top of a ladder, especially if it is something you aren't familiar with. A professional has the training and safety equipment to do the job quickly and with minimal risk of injury. This alone makes professional gutter service well worth the cost. 

Contact a rain gutter installation pro if you are ready to put new gutters on your roof.