Benefits You Derive From Using Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs

When you choose to use vent-free gas fireplace logs, the heat from this fireplace goes directly into the room where you're enjoying the warmth instead of escaping up and out the chimney. Because you're getting all the heat directly from vent-free gas fireplace logs, that makes for effective warmth that you enjoy. 

What Else Makes Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs So Popular Nowadays?

The fireplace structure is used to pipe in natural gas or send the gas into an installed gas-burning propane unit. Flames, when lit, reach upwards through openings in the ceramic fiber logs. The vent-free fireplace is easily connected to a gas or propane line. You are better off hiring a plumber to do the job or someone else who is trained to complete this type of connection.

Burners On Gas Fireplaces Burn Cleanly

Gas fireplaces have burners that burn cleanly. This clean-burning unit leaves no exhaust behind. There is a gas unit and a control panel that controls the flames and pilot light. Noncombustible artificial gas logs contain holes, which smoothly accommodate the flames to pass through the holes in order to keep you warm. There is an ongoing pathway of oxygen taken from the room you're in, and the regulator mixes the air with gas to produce the fire. A vent located at the top of the fireplace actively releases air right back into the room where you are seated.

Do These Fireplaces Have Safety Gadgets?

Some vent-free gas fireplaces include built-in carbon monoxide detectors as well as oxygen-detection sensors that monitor air quality in the room. Both the carbon monoxide detector and oxygen detection sensors will shut down the fireplace if they are registering unhealthy measurements in the room.

Are The Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces Really Safe?

So are the vent-free gas fireplaces really safe? If you follow the instructions of the vent's manufacturers, and the installer is a professional at setting up the equipment, you should not have a safety problem. However, you can install additional carbon monoxide detectors near the fireplace.

Another Benefit You Gain With Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces

Insects are known to hide out in wood logs that you keep outdoors when you have and use a wood-burning fireplace. Insects do not hide out in gas logs. Gas logs save you from running into spiders and other insects that crawl out of wood logs when you bring them inside to start a fire.

For more information, contact a vent-free gas logs supplier.