Texas Jewelry: It Goes Beyond The Shape Of The State

Do you love the great state of Texas? You're not alone. Texas is big, and it is bold. There's a lot to love, and there are so many ways to show that love. One of those ways to show your love is by wearing Texas-themed jewelry. And while you might envision Texas jewelry as being shaped like the state of Texas, that's truly only one option. Here are some other options to look into.

Longhorn Cattle

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that's a big country-style and shows your love of the rural lifestyle, look for a necklace or earrings that depict longhorn cattle. The head of a steer with long horns is a Texas symbol that most people will recognize.

Monarch Butterflies

If you're looking for something a bit softer and more feminine, then look for a piece of jewelry that depicts a monarch butterfly. These butterflies have received a lot of attention lately as their populations are declining. They also tend to be quite common in Texas, flooding the fields in the springtime. They may not be the most recognizable symbol of Texas to outsiders, but Texans will notice them.


Pecan trees are common in Texas, both in backyards and on commercial farms. The pecan tree was officially named the state tree in 1919. A necklace with a gold or bronze pecan emblem would certainly be a unique, and cute, piece of Texas jewelry.

"Everything's Bigger in Texas" Text

Another option is to look for a piece of jewelry that has the words "everything's bigger in Texas" printed on it. A delicate necklace with these words would be on the more feminine side. For something more masculine, you might look for a wide, chunky ring with these words engraved into it.

The Texas Flag

You can make a really bold statement by buying jewelry that depicts the Texas flag. Like the American flag, its colors are red, white, and blue, which means it will give off a patriotic vibe while also coordinating with a lot of different outfits. You can even find rings with the Texas flag on the front, which are a bit more subtle than a large necklace.

Texas jewelry does not all have to show the shape of the state of Texas. If you can find jewelry depicting any of the symbols or statements above, you'll be showing your love for this big state of longhorns and barbecue. Reach out to a Texas jewelry supplier to learn more.