Tips for Replacing Your Bathroom Window During Your Remodel

If you have decided to remodel your home's bathroom and replace its window, then it is important that you know how to correctly do so. While a new window will be a wonderful addition to your new space, an improper installation can cause the window to stick out and look strange. To this end, follow these tips to ensure your bathroom's new window is correctly installed and looks great.

Tip: Replace the Window on a Clear Day

It is vital that you choose a nice warm, clear day to replace the window in your bathroom. While you may be able to remove the old window and put in the new one quickly, it is always possible that something could go wrong, and you might need to leave the space open for the day while you go get a new tool or another part. In addition, silicone caulk will cure better if you caulk around the new window on a day with warm weather rather than in the rain or when it is freezing cold.

Tip: Research the Building Codes in Your Area and Apply for a Permit If Necessary

If your home was originally built many years ago, then it is entirely possible that the building codes could have changed since the original bathroom window was installed. Before you purchase and install a window that does not meet the new building codes in your local area, you should first contact your local planning department and ask about any necessary permits required for you to replace the window. This step is very important because installing the wrong window will cause problems if you ever decide to sell your home.

Tip: Consider the Extra Costs of Self-Installation over Professional Replacement

Finally, while it is always cheaper for you to install your own window, a professional window-replacement company will have access to windows at a better price. Sometimes the difference in price between purchasing your own replacement window and buying one through a professional installer will be significant enough that it makes sense to have the window professionally installed. In addition, many window manufacturers will not warranty their windows if you install them yourself. If you have a problem later with the window that you purchased and self-installed, then you will have to buy a new window and install it. If the window was professionally installed, then the window will be covered under warranty, and you can call the original installer out to your home to repair or replace it.