4 Must-Have Services Every New Homeowner Needs Before Moving In

For several years after the housing bubble burst, for many people, owning a home was a far-off fantasy at best. Now that interest rates are fairly stable again, new homeowners are taking up residence in their very own properties in growing number. If you're about to move into your home and you've never owned property before, check out these four important services that no homeowner should live without.

1. Professional Landscaping - Every Saturday morning across the U.S., countless homeowners start their lawnmowers, seemingly in unison, and cut their lawns so that they neat and uniform in appearance. What may begin as a labor of love can quickly turn into a dreaded task, particularly if you have a large sized yard.

By contrast, hiring a professional landscaping service might be a pleasant reminder of what it was like when you were still stuck paying monthly rent. Find landscaping services that will mow you lawn, pull up weeds, trim your hedges, and even provide snow removal when winter hits. This will enable you to keep your lawn great without any physical labor on your part. Contact a company like Master Landscape to learn more.

2. HVAC Repair Service - Plenty of homes come with new, state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems installed, but do you know how to troubleshoot HVAC equipment? Don't assume that your HVAC system will always run smoothly, even if it is new. Having a contract with an HVAC repair service will keep you and your family comfortable all year around, along with the added benefit of protecting your investment.

3. Home Alarm Monitoring -  From setting up cameras on the front porch to installing motion sensors throughout your yard, home monitoring is a must-have for all new homeowners. Not only will home alarm monitoring save you cash on your home insurance rates, but it will also make you feel more relaxed when you aren't able to keep tabs on your home personally. A good home monitoring service gives homeowners the power to see when neighbors come by unexpectedly, remotely unlock and lock doors, and confirm when service providers like lawn care specialists perform their jobs as expected.

4. Appliance Repair - You can purchase a home appliance repair service that will cover everything under your roof and then some. Traditional home appliance repair services will come out and diagnose whatever issue you may be having with your stove, washer, hot water boiler or AC unit. Many home appliance repair services offered by major department and home improvement stores go a little further by covering lawn care tools, generators and various outdoor appliances that you utilize to make your home space comfortable.