Tired Of People Driving Down Your Long, Off-The-Road Driveway? What To Do

If you have a long driveway set off the back of the road and you aren't sure how to keep people from thinking the drive is a road, and how to keep people out, you'll want to consider blocking the driveway off. This may require you to get in and out of your car if you don't install an automatic system, but installing a gate is a great way to keep others from trespassing or driving up. Instead of just using a metal gat that isn't very attractive, you'll want to consider doing the following instead.

Precast Stone Pillars

You can get precast stone pillars made for the property, and with these pillars you can add a gate. The pillars may need to be dropped off or hauled in because of weight, but they can be used as a protective and decorative item for the yard. Get two matching pillars, and have your address number put in one of the pillars or an emblem or design. These can be made to match existing concrete, pavers or stone around your home. For information on precast stone pillars, contact a company like Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc.

Wrought-Iron Gate

A wrought-iron gate will still keep people out, and it's something that will look elegant and nice. The wrought iron is easy to maintain, and it isn't going to get rusty quickly. You can pick if you want a gate that latches shut on one side, or that opens from the middle with two gate doors. Choose a self-latching gate or something with a more secure lock at the end.

"No Trespassing" Warning

You can get "no trespassing" warning signs that look much more sophisticated than the paper signs that go in windows. You can choose signs that are made of metal or stone and that stick out of the ground, warning those who get near the gate not to enter your property. You can even have this warning etched into your pillars if wanted.

If you are tired of people coming up your drive back to your house that is set off the road to try to solicit, trespass or turn around, take these steps to prevent people from doing it any longer. This is a great way to add some privacy and some curb appeal to the house, while keeping trespassers from bothering your everyday life and getting too close to your home. Start looking at options and contractors to get the project completed today.