3 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Problems And How To Resolve Them

Driveway sliding gate openers are a huge convenience for someone who wants to drive on and off of their fenced in property without having to get out of the vehicle to open the gate. If the automatic gate has a digital keypad with a passcode, it even provides your home with an extra sense of security. However, like most things, automatic sliding gate openers can run into problems. In fact, here are three common problems and what you can do about them.

1. Getting The Bugs Out

Ants tend to be a major problem with automatic gate controllers. If your automatic gate has suddenly stopped opening and closing, it is possible a colony of ants has decided to make the gate controller their home. It is not uncommon for these ants to lay tons of eggs inside of the controller. The combination of ants, eggs, and other critters can make it impossible for the circuit board to continue to function well enough to open and shut your gate. Naturally, the solution to this problem is to clean the bugs out of the system. 

2. Obstructions In The Gate Track

An automatic sliding gate requires a gate track that is free and clear in order to function properly. If the gate isn't opening or closing properly and you know bugs are not the problem, the track could be obstructed. Stones, sticks, and other small objects are enough to clog the track to the point of the gate not being able to slide. Fortunately, this is also an easy fix. You just need to clear the track of all obstructions.

3. The Power Isn't On

Did you know automatic sliding gates actually have a power switch on them? Before rushing to call a technician to come and fix your gate, do yourself a favor and locate this switch on your gate. It should be somewhere near the controller – and it is not uncommon for people to not even know it exists. Check to make sure the power is switched on. You might even try switching it off and back on to see if the gate just needed reset.

If these three problems do not appear to be the reason why your automatic sliding gate is not opening and closing properly, you will need to reach out to a technician as the problem is likely more complicated and requires an expert to fix it.