3 Pet-Friendly Blind Options

Having pets and blinds is typically not a great combination, mostly because many cats and dogs will do whatever it takes to see outside when left alone, which can often lead to damaged and destroyed blinds. However, there are a few blind options out there that can help limit the damage caused by your pets, such as the three listed below.

Vertical Blinds

One of the easiest ways to keep your blinds in good shape is to buy blinds that will not force your pets to work hard to see outside. With traditional horizontal blinds, a cat or dog will often force their heads in between the slats or use their paws to force the slats apart, which can leave the slats broken or permanently bent.

When you use vertical blinds, the cat or dog can simply push the slats away from each other and sit in the window. This is possible because the slats in most vertical blinds are not bound to each other so they can be pushed apart easily and without causing damage.


Another way to keep your pets from destroying your blinds is to consider installing shades over your windows. Shades are made of a single piece of fabric that covers the entire window and can be pulled up when you want to let some light into your home. 

This will often prevent a dog or cat from trying to get into the window as there will not be any visible gaps in the shade. As a result, many pets will simply not realize that there is a window behind the shades until the shades are lifted, which means they will be less likely to damage the shades.

Enclosed Blinds

Finally, a great option for eliminating your pet's attempts to destroy your blinds is to keep your pets from being able to reach your blinds in the first place. You can choose to replace your windows with windows that have blinds enclosed between two pieces of glass. These windows with enclosed blinds will keep pets, children, and dust from reaching the blinds while still allowing you to open, close, raise, and lower the blinds without a problem.

Contact a blind dealer from a company like House Of Drapery, or visit your local home improvement store in order to see the wide variety of pet-friendly blinds that are available to you. Vertical blinds, shades, and enclosed blinds are all great window treatment options if you want to keep your pets from damaging or destroying your blinds in their never-ending attempts to look outside.