2 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions You Can Make At Home

Hardwood floors look great when they're well maintained, but buying commercial wood cleaning solution can get expensive, especially if your wood floors are in high traffic areas and get need to be cleaned frequently. You can save money by making your own hardwood floor cleaning solutions with ingredients that you probably already have in your home. Take a look at two easy and effective hardwood floor cleaner recipes that you can easily make yourself.

Clean and Stain With Black Tea

If you have water, tea bags, and a mop, you have a nice, simple cleaner for your wood floors. You may think of tea as something to avoid spilling on the floor, but the truth is that the tannins in tea will actually have a gentle staining effect that will keep your wood looking beautiful, and black tea also contains antimicrobial compounds that will help keep germs at bay.

To make this cleaner, bring a half gallon of water to boil, and then steep 8 tea bags in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You may want to use a few more tea bags if you have a darker wood floor, or a few less if your floor is made of very light wood. Once the tea cools to lukewarm, you can dip a rag into it and use it to wash the floor. Be sure to wash in the direction of the wood grain, and make an extra effort to work the tea into any scratched areas – the color of the tea will help hide the scratches. Be careful not to soak the floors with too much liquid.

Clean and Shine With Vinegar and Oil

If your aim is a hardwood floor with a brilliant shine, then you can mix up an easy cleaning solution using vinegar and vegetable oil. Simply combine one part white vinegar and one part vegetable oil in a spray bottle. Only make as much of the mixture as you need – over time, the solution will separate and the oil will turn rancid, so you don't want to save any unused solution. Spray the cleaner onto the floor, then use your mop to mop it into the floor. You can use a clean, dry mop head or a towel to remove any residue when you're done.

When you use this solution, the vinegar cleans and disinfects the floor and the oil conditions the wood, helping it to stay moist and shiny. If you want, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture – lemon is also an effective cleanser, and this will give the cleaning solution a pleasant citrus scent.

These safe, natural cleaning solutions make keeping your floors clean easy and less expensive. You'll also avoid using any harsh chemicals, which means that your floors will be safe for pets and kids. For more information visit here or in other similar websites.