4 Ways To Keep Draperies Smelling Fresh All Year

Drapes can be a beautiful form of window treatment due to the variety of colors and patterns and their affordable price, but they can also be more difficult to clean compared to wooden or vinyl blinds. While you may be set on having drapes in your home, you need to make sure to keep them looking their best and smelling fresh to avoid allergies or even potential health issues.

If you are uncertain of how to keep your drapes telling their freshest, consider some of the following tips that you can implement into your cleaning routine.

Leave the Drapes Open When Opening the Windows

While you may enjoy opening the windows to allow in a cool breeze throughout the year, this can be a problem for your drapes due to the odors from outside. Anything from a nearby barbecue to mowing the lawn can leave the drapes with lingering odors, making it a good idea to open the drapes wide whenever you open the windows.

Take Down the Drapes to Wash a Few Times a Year

Similar to cleaning the carpet or rugs in your home, the drapes need to be cleaned on occasion to continue looking their best. In fact, many people skip this simple activity, leading to the drapes becoming discolored from hands pulling them open throughout the year. Making the habit of taking down the drapes and giving them a deep cleaning can help ensure that they continue looking and smelling clean.

Run a Dehumidifier Near the Drapes

If your home gets humid, it is vital that you consider the risk of mildew growth in the folds of your drapes. An easy way to combat this is by running a dehumidifier in any rooms that have drapes so that the humidity is removed and mildew or mold will not be an issue.

Don't Forget the Importance of Fragrance Sprays

An easy way to give your drapes a pleasant smell is by using a fragrance spray designed for linens. A quick spray after cleaning the drapes can make a big difference in how they smell and the variety of fragrances available allow you to chance the scent with the season.

Keeping your drapes in the best condition can be confusing if you are not used to having them and usually have blinds or shutters. To make sure that the drapes stay in the best condition, consider the above things that you can do to extend their lifespan and avoid an early replacement. To learn more about curtains, contact a company like D. Schultz Interiors