More Than Just A Sink -- How To Choose The Right Vanity For Any Bathroom

When planning a bathroom remodel (through professionals such as those from Artisan Granite & Marble), one of the biggest decisions to make is the bathroom vanity. This focal point of most bathrooms can set the tone of the bathroom, make up for other deficiencies and either add to or take away from its functionality.

So, which bathroom vanity is right for your bathroom? That depends on the purpose and size of the bathroom. Here are the basic 3 bathroom styles and the vanity that is most likely to suit each one best. 

Powder Rooms

Half-baths or powder rooms are the smallest of bathroom styles. These functional rooms are often used in main areas of the house where guests are among the biggest users. Family members also use powder rooms but rarely spend any time in them. For this reason, you don't want to overdo the vanity in what is usually a very small space. Pedestal sinks are a great choice for half-baths due to their small footprint and lack of storage.

Guest or General Bathrooms

The most-used bathroom in the home is usually the bathroom in the main sleeping area that is frequented by children, guests and family members. This bathroom should be highly functional with lots of storage space and a wide countertop. A double-sink vanity is a good choice for such a well-used bathroom, as it provides plenty of space to spread out bathing products, hair products and daily hygiene necessities. It also allows for multiple people to use the room at the same time, which comes in handy for many families. Be careful not to put a very expensive vanity in this room, though, if it gets a lot of traffic -- particularly if that traffic includes children and teens. Focus on durability and easy maintenance instead of luxury. 

Master Baths

The most special bathroom in most homes is the master bath. This room is designed for comfort, relaxation and time away from the hustle and bustle of the other bathrooms. This is where you may want to splurge with quality products and unique touches. Because home buyers value a good master bathroom, a high-quality double-sink vanity is an investment that will not only add to your enjoyment but also add to the home's value. For stain and scratch resistance, non-porous quartz countertops may enjoy a longer life than other types of stone vanity products. 

Choosing the right vanity for your new bathroom begins with understanding its role in the home. By knowing what the bathroom is designed to accomplish -- whether it be functionality, speed or comfort -- you can make a choice that will help you enjoy your home for years to come.