Want A Grapevine? What You Need To Learn In Advance Of Planting

Growing your own grapevine is awesome for a couple reasons. First, you'll have delicious grapes that you can eat or make jam with, so you'll save money at the grocery store. Second, your landscape acquires a natural privacy fence so that you can enjoy your backyard without interruption from the neighbors or cars passing by. Before you go and purchase grape vines to plant along the perimeter of your backyard, take this list into consideration, so that the process goes smoothly.

The Size of Your Space

Grapevines thrive with lots of sunny, open space. They need between 50 and 100 square feet per vine. These vines also need full sun for most of the day, but for a minimum of at least eight hours. Be sure that the space you are considering has no trees or large shrubs or buildings that would block the healthy sunshine needed.

The Right Grape For Your Growing Zone

Grapes come in a variety of color, size and sweetness and they thrive in various climate zones. Consult with your landscaper to choose a grapevine that will be best suited for your altitude, temperature and humidity so you know you've chosen the ideal grape for your growing zone.

Be sure to consider the purpose of your grapes, which will help you choose the right variety of grapevine as well. For instance, wine grapes should be less sweet, whereas grapes for canning jams should be sweeter.

How to Prep Your Soil

Before planting your vine, you will need to till the soil and incorporate compost or fertilizer throughout. Grapevines thrive in vitamin-rich soil that is well aerated for good drainage. Again, consult with your local landscaper to see if there is a particular type of fertilizer for your specific variety of grapevine.

Use a small shovel to plant the grapevines 3 inches into the tilled soil. This allows them to grow well and spread their roots easily. When you're finished planting, water the area well and then allow your landscaper to shape and groom your grapevines according to the desired look.

Once you have all the needed info, have fun shopping for all the various grapes. Since incorporating grapevines into your landscape is not a quick and easy task, ask your landscaper for help should you run into any issues with the planting process, of if your grapevines don't seem to be producing the amount of grapes that you're hoping for. 

For more information, contact Creative Landscape Designs or a similar company.