Best Window Treatments For A Nursery

One of the true pleasures of preparing for the arrival of a baby is decorating the nursery. While choosing features like the paint and the furniture might be relatively easy, babies have a variety of needs to be carefully considered when picking the right window treatments. 


Getting babies to rest can be bad enough without trying to make them sleep under conditions that don't appeal to them. Some babies need darkness in order to nap properly. When choosing a shade for the nursery, look for light-canceling varieties, so you can give your baby something as close to total darkness as possible. 

Cordless Options

Cords on blinds and curtains present a danger for young children who can easily become wrapped up and trapped during harmless play. When choosing window treatments for your child's nursery, the safest options are those that have no cords at all. Shades, draperies, cordless blinds and curtains are best. However, if corded blinds have already been installed and replacement is not an option, you can still retrofit your window treatments to make them safer for your baby. Retrofitting kits are available at window treatment stores and come in different varieties depending on the type and approximate age of the treatment. 

Window Length Curtains

Choose curtains and draperies that are only as long as the windows, and no longer. Floor length curtains can be a hazard when crawling babies and toddlers use the material to pull themselves up, because curtain hardware that's not well secured to the wall can come falling down on your baby's head and other items in the nursery. 

Black and White Patterns

Like many people, your inclination may be to choose curtains in gentle colors and patterns. Pastels are a popular choice for baby nurseries--possibly because people associate pastels with innocence, simplicity and new life. However, babies really don't see low-contrast colors very well. Fabrics with high contrast colors and black and white patterns are more likely to capture your baby's attention.


Light canceling curtains will make the room dark, and normal curtains will cut back on the light entering the room, but there may be times when all you want to do is give your baby privacy or keep your baby out of direct sunshine. Sheers help round out your options and ensure that the nursery can be light and cheerful without getting too hot or bright. 

For more tips on the best window treatments for your nursery, speak with a window treatment specialist, like those at Cover Up Designs