Five Clever Basement Remodels

If you have recently moved into a home with an unfinished basement, you might be excited to put this unused space into action. There are plenty of fun remodels that you can do with this additional space. Here are five clever basement remodel ideas that can liven up any home.

1. Bar's Open

If you don't have room in your kitchen and dining area for a proper bar, move this to the basement. This way you can properly entertain guests and have an entire area designated to a liquor cabinet, counter, and seating. Entertain in style and create a den-like basement. This can be great when you have friends over because noise won't travel as much from the basement.

2. Rainy Day Play Space

If you live in an area that gets quite a bit of rain or snow, your kids might get cabin fever. Build them their own play space in the basement. They can even help create this and decide how to decorate. Be sure to put down added padding with carpeting so that kids can really work off energy safely in their new playroom.

3. Second Living Room

If everyone in your family is constantly fighting over the remote, having a second TV room is a great way to let everybody win. Set up your basement as a second living room so that conflicting ideas on movie night won't turn into TV battles.

4. Home Gym

If you never make it to the gym or your home gym equipment is cooped up in a spare bedroom, give some thought to expanding your basement into a home gym. You can add more equipment, have space to move around, and even have room for group workouts which can motivate you to get back into shape.

5. Second Home

Adding in a kitchenette and bathroom can enable your basement to act as a studio apartment. This is great for out of town guests or grown children back from college. This would be a more extensive remodel, but may eventually pay for itself. A basement apartment can add to the value of your home and can be a great selling point if you ever decide to move.

Remodeling any part of your home can add value and make your home more livable. The basement is a great addition because this might be space that was neglected and unused, instantly adding square footage to your living space. If your home needs more room for your family, the basement is a great space that you can tailor to your unique needs.

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