How To Dress Up A Bay Window

Dressing up your windows with window treatments can be fairly simple, but dressing up a bay window can be a little more difficult. A bay window, with it's curved shape and possible window seat can be tough to design and match with your other window treatment decor. See below for a few helpful tips and ways to dress up your bay windows.

Roller Or Roman Shades

Use roller or roman shades on each of your bay windows. You can use plain white roller shades, or customize them yourself using fabric in your color/style choice and fabric glue spray. Use roman shades in your color of choice if you prefer this look. Add a curtain rod to your windows and two long curtain panels on the outsides of your bay window to match with your shades, or your decor to help add privacy or warmth to your home. This type of window treatment design will pair well with a couch or two chairs in your bay window, or an office area.


Shutters add a nice country charm to your bay windows. You can use a simple valance along with your shutters, or roman shades with them. You can also use the shutters by themselves. Shutters can be opened or closed to allow more or less light and privacy into the room. They pair well with a window seat in your bay window.

Long Drapes

Long drapes in a bay window give a dramatic, luxurious feel. Take your drapery rod to the ceiling for a more dramatic effect and opt for floor to ceiling drapes. Place four drapes in your bay window for a polished and sophisticated look. You can use a custom drapery rod, or use three different rods for each window. Allow the drapes to hang freely, or you can use tie-backs. This look pairs well with one or two chairs, or leaving the window area open.

Valance Or Sash

Use a simple valance or sash for your bay window to give a clear and open view out of your bay window. This is great if you have a nice view outside your window and don't want to cover it, but still want some kind of window dressing. The valance or sash will not take away from your view. This look pairs well with a window seat, or a small cafe table in a kitchen/dining area.

These drapery treatments can all be used for your bay window. When choosing a drapery treatment, try not to hide your window, as a bay window is beautiful and should be showcased. Balance is definitely key when choosing a window treatment, contact a professional window treatment designer for more help if needed. To learn more about drapery treatments, visit Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds