4 Tips For Choosing High-Quality Flower Bulbs

If you want to grow your own flowers this year, you are probably interested in purchasing flower bulbs so that you can get started. If you've ever had flower bulbs that were a flop, or if you don't have much experience, however, you might be concerned about whether or not you'll be successful in your efforts. Luckily, purchasing high-quality flower bulbs can greatly increase your chances of success. If you're wondering how to pick out the best bulbs for your garden, follow these tips.

1. Buy from a Seed and Bulb Specialty Shop

As the springtime weather approaches, you'll probably spot seeds and flower bulbs at plenty of businesses that you frequent. Mass market retail stores, drug stores, dollar stores and many other places typically carry gardening accessories and seeds during the spring months, but this doesn't mean that you should buy your flower bulb from one of these stores. The bulbs might be old or of a lower quality, so it's best to go to a shop that specializes in selling seeds and flower bulbs. Then, you can help ensure that you purchase fresh bulbs that are of a higher quality and that are more likely to succeed when planted.

2. Avoid Mold

It might seem natural for mold to grow and develop on flower bulbs and their packages due to the heat and moisture, but moldy bulbs are less likely to bloom. Carefully inspect your bulbs for the signs of mold or mildew before purchasing.

3. Pick Bigger Bulbs

Although small flower bulbs can certainly grow and produce beautiful plants, you can typically get bigger and better results from bigger bulbs. Bigger flower bulbs are often stronger and can produce larger, healthier plants, and they're often more likely to grow. Compare the sizing of different bulbs of the type that you're interested in buying, and choose the biggest ones if possible.

4. Skip Softer Bulbs

Softer bulbs could be on the verge of becoming moldy or rotten. Skip these, and instead invest in firmer, plumper bulbs. Then, you can avoid problems with mold, mildew and rotting and can potentially have better luck with your plants.

Planting flower bulbs can be a fun and easy way to produce beautiful flowers for your garden, but the quality of your bulbs will have an effect on how well they will grow. Luckily, looking at these four things will help you choose the best flower bulbs for growing.