Repairing Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in our household. When it stops working, you can lose food as well as the money you've spent on it. If your fridge is on the fritz, it may not mean you have to purchase a new one. Often, there are simple fixes and common causes for why a refrigerator is not working properly.

Ice Maker Problems

You may notice that the ice from your ice maker is suddenly smaller than normal, or it may have stopped working altogether. Many times this can be caused by a simple block or clog at the water line. Check your water line to make sure it's free from any leaks or blockages. You can purchase a new water line for a few dollars at your local hardware store, and this should correct the problem.


If your refrigerator is leaking, this can mean serious trouble for the appliance as well as the food inside. Check to make sure your refrigerator is completely level. Often, if the fridge is not level, the water that drips into the pan can overflow and spill out. Leaking can also be caused by the ice maker, so check that all compression fittings are tight on the water line or hose. Make sure the drain tube is clear. If it has anything blocking it, the tube will overflow and cause leaking.

Freezer Issues

Thawed, once frozen food in your freezer can cause quite a mess and a loss of perfectly good food. Check to make sure the temperature control dial has not been changed or tampered with. Make sure it is on a low temperature setting. Locate the vents and make sure they are not blocked by food items. Clean the coils to ensure that air and water are flowing properly throughout both the fridge and freezer. Dirty coils can prevent the appliance from running smoothly and operating correctly. Check to make sure the condenser fan is clean and running at optimum speed.

Refrigerator Noise

Not only is a noisy refrigerator annoying, it could also mean a sign of something wrong with the appliance. Check the evaporator fan and make sure it is working correctly. If a fan motor is overworked or going bad, it can make a very loud noise. You can find replacement parts at the manufacturer's site or at a local home improvement or appliance parts dealer. In most cases, moving parts that need to be replaced are the cause of a noisy fridge. Contact a company like A-1 Appliance Service for further assistance.