Seven Strange And Stunning Ideas For Outdoor Planters

You could have some strange and simply lovely outdoor flower planters sitting around in your garage, basement, or even your trash! There are some clever ways to re-purpose items that you already have that can save money when you want to put in some outdoor garden plots or container plants.

Try the following seven simple strategies before buying pricey planters:

1. Old tires

Old tires make excellent outdoor planters, and can be stacked or tiered to create a sizable raised garden bed. The inherent hole in the middle is perfect for filling with soil, either placed directly on the ground or when lined with a sheet of plastic or plywood.

2. Junk automobile

Have you ever seen someone recycle an old car and plant a garden under the hood? This is another great way to make some practical use out of items that could be sitting around your yard.

3. Discarded toy box

For a whimsical garden touch, recycle an old or broken toy box into a container garden or outdoor planter. You may want to give wooden toy boxes a coating of paint that will help protect the against the moisture and mold of being outdoors.

4. Damaged plumbing fixtures

An old toilet makes a pragmatic and interesting outdoor planter. These porcelain fixtures can be expensive to discard of, but make long-lasting conversation pieces in a garden or yard when filled with flowers or plants.

5. Concrete blocks or bricks

If you have a few concrete blocks or bricks laying around, than you have all that you need to create your own custom outdoor planter. Simply arrange and stack the blocks to the desired shape and size of your garden, and fill the center with soil.

6. Baby carriage

An old baby carriage can become a great outdoor planter that is far enough off the ground where climbing vines or hanging plants have plenty of room to grow. Remove any fabric trims that could get wet and foster mold before placing the pram outside and filling with dirt. Weigh down the carriage with some gravel or rocks underneath before filling with potting soil or earth.

7. Recycled pallets

A great way to reuse wooden pallets is to create vertical container gardens with them. The pallet is covered with landscaping fabric on the back-side, and stands upright, to allow plants to grow and climb through the slats. This is a great idea for anyone with limited outdoor space, too.

There are many different recyclables that make excellent outdoor planters, including these seven suggestions. Try digging around your garage, basement, and trash to find items that could be re-purposed into attractive, alluring planters for your property!